Sprint customers typically complain about the lackluster data coverage, but they at least have generally been able to make phone calls. Yet many customers who went out and bought the Galaxy Note 3 from the carrier found that even that ability was lacking. They suffered from garbled voices, popping sounds, and all about terrible audio quality leaving them wondering why they bought a phone over a tablet in the first place. Well, the company should soon push out an OTA that puts this issue to bed. A Sprint admin has marked this specific issue as solved and posted a changelog.


In addition to the call quality improvement, this update fixes a broken handwriting mode on the stock keyboard. That's it for now, but this soon after the device's launch, we probably shouldn't expect too much. If you've already received the update and have seen your problems go away, shout your excitement from the roof tops. Better yet, call someone and tell them how good it feels. They will be happy to hear your voice again.

Source: Sprint