There are no shortage of office suites available for Android, but two of the most popular have been Quickoffice and OfficeSuite. The former took a hiatus after Google purchased it last year, and while the new version isn't bad per se, it's not what to used to be. In the meantime, OfficeSuite has continued to improve, and version 7.3 introduces a slew of new features that add an extra layer of polish to what is already a solid app.

The suite comes in both a paid and a free version, and there's a separate changelog provided for each. The free version comes with better Google Cloud Print support, improved Box integration, and the ability to insert charts in both text and presentation documents. PowerPoint files can now play audio during transitions.

What's new in OfficeSuite 7:

• Optimized printing with Google Cloud Print.

• Page background visualization in text documents.

• Charts supported in text documents.

• Conditional formatting in Excel spreadsheets.

• Support of charts in PowerPoint documents.

• Transition audio for PPT and PPTX files.

• Improved Box cloud integration.

The pro version naturally carries over the same features, but it also gains the ability to create templates from Microsoft Office files and provides a new "My templates" folder for browsing through them. Users can also take advantage of that nice touch screen with new freehand drawing support in Word and PowerPoint documents.

What's new in OfficeSuite Pro 7:

• Ability to create templates from Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

• My templates folder in the File Browser Templates for user created templates.

• Free hand drawing in Word and PowerPoint documents.

• Ability to insert and delete table rows/columns in text documents.

• Ability to insert and edit line shapes in text documents.

• Page setup and page background in Word documents.

• Charts supported in text and PowerPoint documents.

• Conditional formatting in Excel spreadsheets.

The pro version is clearly the one to get, but at $14.99, it's more expensive than most Android apps out there. Still, it's a complete office suite, and while it may not yet match what's available on a laptop, it's getting closer with every update.

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
Developer: MobiSystems
Price: $19.99+