Feedly began as a free service, but once the company really started to ramp up its efforts to create the next Google Reader, they introduced a monthly fee to go with it. Users can subscribe to use Feedly for $5 a month, or they can get it for a discounted price of $45 a year. When the company first rolled out this plan, they gave away $99 lifetime subscriptions to the first 5,000 people who claimed them. Those quickly sold out. Well, for anyone who missed out and has been waiting since then, lifetime subscriptions are finally back, only this time they will cost you $299.


For this to work out in your favor, you will have to be certain that you intend to use Feedly for over six years. Given how quickly some online services come and go, that's quite the show of confidence. Still, if Feedly does stand the test of time, this could end up being a steal - it will just take you the better part of a decade to find out.

Source: Feedly