Chainfire's DSLR Controller has been around for a few years now, and while it has yet to leave beta status, it's still your best bet for controlling a Canon EOS camera from an Android phone or tablet without any cables involved. The app continues to inch ever so slowly towards the big 1.0, with today's updating bringing it up to version 0.99.3. The changelog is rather lengthy, but one of the primary changes is support for new auto focus modes and a redesigned way of handling them in the latest EOS models. All of the pre-existing code related to auto focus has been completely remodeled for this update.

Version 0.99.3 also rolls out a new option to connect to cameras over Wi-Fi using Smartphone mode rather than the EOS Utility mode. This sets the camera as the hotspot, simplifying the process of connecting the app to the phone.

- Added: Support for Wi-Fi connections using the 'smartphone' protocol
- Added: 70D specific support
- Modified: Completely redone AF-related code to fix issues with newer cameras
- Modified: Quick mode now shows all focus points
- Modified: Tap-and-hold on "Live" or "Zone" resets/recenters focus area
- Modified: Image review on high memory devices: image no longer blanked when loading new image
- Modified: MX Player is no longer forced S/W mode. To always use H/W: change "network" decoder setting in MX Player
- Fixed: Fullscreen follow-shot no longer shows image info
- Fixed: Timed bulb shot >30 seconds now works over Wi-Fi

The app costs $7.99 in the Play Store, but considering what you probably paid for that Canon EOS camera, let's call that a bargain. Hit up the widget below.

DSLR Controller
DSLR Controller
Developer: Chainfire
Price: $7.99

Source: Google+