The Humble Bundle is one of the best deals in gaming, but the Humble folks also do smaller weekly sales. The newest weekly sale bundle includes five total games, three of which come with Android versions.

The sale is brought to you by Cipher Prime, which is the developer of all five titles. The three Android titles are fairly popular, but aren't the kind of thing everyone knows about. Fractal and Splice are both abstract puzzle games with very polished visuals. Pulse is newer a stylish rhythm-based action title that has been getting high praise. All three of these games are selling for $3 in Google Play, but you can save some cash with the Humble sale.

The Android games are all in the basic tier, so you can pay any amount to get them. However, this is still a Humble-type deal with part of your payment going to charity. So, you know... don't be stingy. Pay more than $6 and you get two more Cipher Prime games for Windows and Mac – Intake and Auditorium. You've got a full week to decide.

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