Update: CyanogenMod is also ready to make its debut appearance on the AT&T version of the LG G2 (d800), and Verizon nightlies have returned.

For many of us, it's not enough just to get our hands on a new handset. We love Android, but we're just not big fans of the changes that manufacturers make to distinguish their phones from one another. Some manufacturer customizations, like Sense 5, are arguably more attractive than Google's own efforts. Others, like TouchWiz, are widely considered to be bloated. Then there's what LG's done with the G2, which we can simply call bad. Thankfully, CyanogenMod is here to help. Nightlies have landed for the international (d802) and Verizon (vs980) versions of the device.


Update #1: CyanogenMod has pulled the Verizon version due to radio issues that make the ROM currently unsuitable for use on a phone. It was a nightly release, after all, and these things are prone to happen.

Update: #2: Rejoice, the Verizon nightlies are back!


Update #3: CyanogenMod nightlies have also since appeared for the AT&T version of the G2.


The G2 isn't alone. A CyanogenMod nightly has also arrived for the the LTE version of the 2013 Nexus 7 (deb). Sure, this device comes with Android as Google's envisioned it, but it lacks the many delicious goodies that custom ROMs have to offer. And if you have CyanogenMod installed on your phone, you might come to miss many of those features when switching to the tablet.


You probably know the drill by now. Just be sure to grab the correct GApps package on the way out. You will be glad you did.

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