Samsung makes a lot of phones, and that means it has a lot of open source packages to post. Today it's taking the time to drop the kernel source for two Galaxy S4 variants after the Android 4.3 update, as well as the code from the AT&T Galaxy Mega giganto-phone.

2013-10-23 10_50_58-Open Source Release Center

Developer types can head over to Samsung's open source site to download the Jelly Bean files right now. The ZIP archives for the GS4 devices clock in a little north of 800MB, but the Galaxy Mega is only 379MB. Regular folks won't have much use for these files, but they will make life a little easier for ROM developers and the like. That in turn makes life a little easier for the rest of us.

2013-10-23 10_51_17-Open Source Release Center

[Galaxy S4 Kernel Source, Galaxy Mega Kernel Source]