The first OTA update for Moto X has been making the rounds, already landing on T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and US Cellular. Now the enhancements are landing on Verizon devices. The delay is not at all surprising, really. When you have the best coverage in the country, you're free to take your time with these things. Verizon has all but made this philosophy corporate policy.

MotoX1 MotoX2

So for Verizon customers who tuned out during the previous announcements, lets run through the major new features again. Software version 139.15.1.ghost_verizon.Verizon.en.US doesn't bump the device up from Android 4.2, but it ushers in a slew of camera-related improvements. The 10MP shooter now has better low light performance, and the app should offer speedier focus times along with faster switching between the camera and the gallery. Less notable changes include improved call quality, increased accuracy for touchless control, and a slew of bug fixes.



The update should be available now for all Verizon Moto X users, so if you haven't yet received a download notification, try checking for it manually.

Source: Motorola

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