A primary selling point of the 7" Kindle Fire HDX is its greatly improved screen, which, with a resolution of 1920 x 1200, makes text look clear and images crisp. Sure, it comes with a simplified custom interface that can't be swapped out without rooting and tinkering with the device, but at least with the display, you know you're getting something that even us picky enthusiasts can appreciate. As it turns out, that may not be the case. Numerous HDX owners have noticed an off-color bluish fringe around the edge of the screen. Amazon has since updated the We want you to know... section of the Kindle Fire HDX product page with a message that politely states, "Yeah, guys, we did that on purpose."


To be more accurate, Amazon asserts that the blue tinge is a result of the technology used to render "perfect color accuracy." Most screens use white LEDs and apply color filters to achieve the desired color. Amazon uses blue LEDs in order to deliver more accurate colors and greater power efficiency. That there's a blue tinge that wraps the entire screen when viewing blank, white webpages is, it seems, simply the inadvertent result of more accurate colors.

If that's hard for consumers to swallow, they aren't alone. Best Buy and Amazon support staff have apparently reported the issue as a manufacturing defect. This video shows off the blue tint, but it's not as noticeable as it is in person.

This isn't to say that all owners find it irksome. Many probably have never even noticed, and countless more surely never will. Still, if you're someone who is considering picking up the tablet, this is something to keep in mind.

Via: The Digital Reader