New devices almost always have some sort of defect buyers should be on the lookout for, and the new Kindle Fire HDX tablet is no exception. Now that Amazon's newest Android device is getting into people's hands, reports are beginning to surface of a strange purple or blue haze around the edge of the screen.

The issue seems present on all edges of the screen equally, and is particularly evident on white backgrounds. The video above gives you a glimpse of the defect, but it's not as noticeable as it is in real life. According to Amazon, this is known manufacturing defect with some units. It also appears from user reports that many of the lots sent to Best Buy stores are affected.

Amazon says it will continue replacing affected tablets until everyone gets a unit with a clear screen. Being a manufacturing issue, it's probably going to be corrected in the factory if it hasn't been already. This is by no means the death knell for the new Fire tablet – it's just a defect to be aware of when buying.

[Amazon – Thanks, Dominic Esposito]