Back in July of this year, we gave four sets of amazing Android Progress Administration Propaganda Prints from Andrew Bell. These throwback-style posters are stylistically designed to replicate those from the 30s and 40s, and they look fantastic.


Fast-forward to now and Bell has teamed up with Cruzerlite to bring some of this killer artwork to cases designed for the Nexus 7. I was able to get my hands on a couple back at the Big Android BBQ and, to put it simply, these are some of the best-looking cases I've ever seen. Of course, that's precisely what they're for: looks. They may do a little to keep your beloved tablet safe in the event of a spill, but don't expect a lot – these are definitely made to just add a little flare and style to the N7.

Those who love the N7's thin profile will really enjoy these cases, as they are incredibly thin and don't really add a lot of bulk or weight to the tablet. The top and bottom are essentially "open," and just subtly curve around half of both ends. The sides are what really hold the case on the tablet, as they curve around to where the bezel meets the back. It's all very subtle and actually kind of hard to tell there's even a case on the device from the front or side view.


wm_IMG_3844 wm_IMG_3845 wm_IMG_3842 wm_IMG_3843

The real allure here, however, is the back; this is of course where you'll find Bell's handiwork. The two designs available – Design, Develop, Deploy and Code for Victory – are subtly different than their poster-based counterparts, mostly in text placement. The text on both has been moved to the top, which does look better for a case design. Otherwise, they're exact likenesses of the posters, which makes for a really nice aesthetic on on the Nexus 7 – most cases just don't offer this sort of visual appeal.


Naturally, the case has cutouts in all the appropriate places: power, volume rocker, microUSB, speakers, camera, and headphone jack. The overall design and quality of the case feels really nice, despite the fact that's incredibly thin. It's worth noting that it's not too thin – it does have some substance to it. But like I said, it's good for looks and avoiding scratches, but that's about it. Since I generally run my devices naked, this case is pretty perfect for me. And man they look so good – I'm kind of in love with them at this point.

These cases just hit the Cruzerlite site today for $29.90 a piece. I have a feeling stock won't last long, so hit the respective link below to snag one for yourself.