The latest gaming rigs are powerful enough to run circles around the upcoming generation of gaming consoles, but unless a PC gamer is willing to run a title in windowed-mode, invest in a second display, or become an alt-tab ninja, getting absorbed in a game can mean tuning everything else out. Keyboard and mouse developer ROCCAT's Power-Grid app offers gamers a way to stay immersed with much less effort. This free offering turns your Android device into a customizable remote for your PC, giving you the means to monitor system stats, play music, follow social media, and more without having to interrupt the game.

Power1 Power2 Power3

With Power-Grid, one glance is all it takes to see how much RAM is free, how many CPU cores are fired up, and how much of a pounding your network is taking. Swap to another tab to adjust sound levels and start up background music, then hop to the next to stay up to date on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. The app comes with these "Grids" installed out of the box, but you are free to create more and to load up buttons in your notification drawer, guaranteeing that this level control is never more than a swipe and a tap away.

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There are over 100 preset buttons and controls to choose from, along with more than 1800 icons to mark them with. Users are free to add text, change backgrounds, tinker with effects, and otherwise make their portable command centers as unique and obnoxious as possible. But remember, the goal is to produce something that won't distract you from gaming. This app just goes to show that winning is easier with enough gadgets and the right software. Batman also taught me that.


Power-Grid is entering open beta tomorrow, so head over to their website now and pre-register to try out the functionality ahead of its official release. This app is only compatible with Windows 7/8 and requires you to install the ROCCAT Power-Grid Launcher in order to get started, so you won't want to sign up if these are requirements you aren't able to meet.

Developer: ROCCAT GmbH
Price: Free+