Google Maps is a fine tool if you need to find your way around, but Google also has a way to create custom maps called Map Engine. The service is getting a mobile upgrade today with the release of the Map Engine app. This will allow users to view and share custom maps on Android devices. It even comes with some neat samples.

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The Map Engine Lite web service is available to everyone and has a fairly robust set of tools. There is also a newly enhanced Map Engine Pro service with more features for businesses. If you just want to add some important personal data and locations to a custom map, that's doable with the lite version. All your maps will be saved to your Google account and accessible from the app.

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The app looks a lot like Google Maps, but it's only a skin-deep resemblance. All the Maps Engine app has is the custom map content from your account and some neat samples like NASA's light map, World Bank GDP growth rates, and some National Geographic stuff. If you want to navigate to a location or get more information, the app will boot you into the regular Google Maps app. If nothing else, Maps Engine is fun to play with.

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Google My Maps
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