The newest update to EA's free-to-play racing title Real Racing 3 has an assortment of shiny new things to dangle in front of you. Of course, you'll have to pay for most of them, but the game is a free download, and there aren't many games that can match to overall quality of the racing experience in RR3.

Included in this update are Ferrari vehicles like the 458 Italia and the V12-powered F12 Berlinetta. They are pretty, fast, and expensive – you'll probably need to drop some cash to afford them in the game or just win some big races and save up your dough. In addition to the new cars, there is a completely new track to race on – the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain. The Barcelona-Catalunya is a varied all-rounder circuit with long straights and a variety of corners.

Updating also gets you new time trial ghost races and some UI improvements. Real Racing 3 does have annoying mandatory wait times and upsells, but it's free.

Real Racing 3
Real Racing 3
Price: Free+