Update 2: We've now received independent confirmation from a credible source that there will be no news, Android or otherwise, at this event. Sorry, everyone - continue your Nexus reveal date conspiracy theorizing as normal.

Update: Geek.com has updated its story with a statement from a "reliable source," and that source is playing down any hopes of a Nexus reveal next week:

We just received a tip from a reliable source telling us that the 10/24 event will not feature any hardware.

Google is prepping for an event next Thursday October 24th billed as "a night out with Google Play." The show starts at 7PM in New York City, but that's really all the solid info Google has provided. It may be Google Play Newsstand, but a Nexus event has been expected for weeks. Google usually streams all their live events, so whatever happens, you'll probably be able to watch it unfold.

The lack of Android references in the invitation is odd, but this time of year it can hardly be anything else (well, it shouldn't be). The assembled forces of the internet would rise up and smite Google if they dared to hold an event and not announce the now thoroughly leaked Nexus 5. Still, we don't know for sure what Mountain View is up to here.

Google surprised everyone with the KitKat name announcement last month, but what few details we have of the software have come in the form of leaks. The Nexus 5 itself has also been leaked a few times, including by Google just last night. It will be good to get all the official details, assuming this event has anything to do with Android.