Remember the first time you played Star Fox on your Super Nintendo? Remember how your mind was blown by 3D graphics and intuitive gameplay, so much so that you ignored the fact that woodland creatures were engaged in mortal space combat? I wish that I could say that ARC Squadron will rekindle that feeling. It won't. Nintendo made five more Star Fox games. This is the age of Facebook and in-app purchases. You will never feel that first-time wonder again. But ARC Squadron will make you think about that feeling.

Like Star Fox, ARC Squadron is an on-rails, 3D space shooter with impressive graphics and upgradeable ships. The gameplay is a mix of Space Harrier and Space Invaders, boiling down the graphical splendor into something approaching a 2D game with simple slide-and-tap controls. You'll have plenty of time to master them and upgrade your ship and weapons, because the main campaign (in which a space station janitor becomes an unlikely space ace) spans an impressive sixty levels. There are lasers. There are massive bosses. And yes indeed, there are barrel rolls.

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The "Redux" in the title means that this is an upgraded version of the game that came out on iOS nearly a year ago. That being the case, the Unreal-powered graphics are impressive but not exactly cutting edge. And since this is a free game, you can be sure that there are plenty of in-app purchases built around (say it with me now) a currency system for weapons and upgrades. If you're looking for a casual space shooter with a massive amount of content, give ARC Squadron: Redux a shot.

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