After many many leaks, we've got an official look at the Nexus 5 via the Play Store - the Nexus collection for the US is showing the icon for the Nexus 5 listing, along with the official description copy. Unfortunately though, the phone's actual listing is inaccessible.


So far we can tell that the device will start at $349 for the 16GB model specified in the listing's URL. This means the 32GB version we saw in the leaked manual will likely cost at or above $400.

"Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways," the copy reads. With the Nexus 7's description focusing on its portability and the Nexus 10's emphasizing its signature display, we can at least hope to find a decent camera on the yet unannounced Nexus 5.

Otherwise, there's not much info to glean from the single webpage, but you can check it out for yourself (while it lasts) at the link below. You can also train your refresh fingers on the included listing link. Want to see a full-sized render of the Nexus 5 extracted from the page? We've got that too.

Source: Google Play (Nexus 5 Listing)

Thanks, Jacob!