Well, folks, it finally happened - after numerous APK teardowns, Google has finally dropped a message to the Android Police teardown team inside one of the APKs - the Android Play Store v4.4 nonetheless.

The message reads: <string name="ap_teardown_notice">"These aren't the features you're looking for, officer"</string>.


Many of you have joked about this in past comments, so I've been wondering whether a Googler will actually do it one day. I think they're onto us, guys! <Squeal>

Ron, if, or rather when, you're reading this - this one's for you, baby:


P.S. Unless I'm reading too much into it, the message seems to suggest that the Play Store 4.4 build we saw is indeed still a work-in-progress, as I suggested in the post. Take your time, guys. We're not in a hurry.

P.P.S. Yes, the 4.4. Play Store APK teardown is most definitely happening and will be posted soon.