You know that feeling you get every once in a while, when you suddenly have this undeniable urge to punch a bear in the face? Tim does, and when his family is kidnapped by a secret conspiracy of ursine overlords, he's got the perfect excuse to indulge. The pixelated, flannel-wearing hero of Fist of Awesome is out to punch everything that moves and kick everything that doesn't.

Fist of Awesome started out as a Kickstarter project to fund an old-school, Streets of Rage-style beat-em-up, and is now somewhat belatedly available on Android. The story is the sort of drug-fueled, self aware mess that you might expect to see on an underfunded web comic. Bears have risen up and taken over the world, and it's up to you and your oversized, sentient fist to go back in time and make it right again.

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Controls are incredibly simple, as are the pixelated graphics and chiptune music. The real draw for Fist of Awesome is the sheer, unrelenting strangeness of it all: you'll beat up bears in front of the Bear Grillz, slap around some bison in the Middle Ages, smack some velociraptors like overgrown chickens, and give the hairy bear pope what's coming to him. The game is a reasonable four bucks on the Play Store, which is surely worth it for a bit of time-travelling lumberjack insanity.

Developer: I Fight Bears
Price: Free