It can be a pain to type on a virtual keyboard in a language that doesn't use Latin characters, but for the many speakers of Cantonese, Google is here to help. A new Cantonese input app has appeared in Google play to make typing in Cantonese a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze, but that rhymes better than 'faster and more accurate.'

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The app supports multiple keyboards including Pinyin, Cangjie, handwriting, and voice input. These all support auto-correction and both simplified and traditional Chinese output. Users can also mix English and Cantonese words easily with the new input app.

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The last time Google tackled a non-Latin script was the Hindi keyboard earlier this year, and that seems to have turned out rather well. Let's hope this one works out as well for the mountains of Cantonese speakers out there.

Google Cantonese Input
Google Cantonese Input
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free