Sony hasn't been great about getting its flagship devices on US carrier lineups, but you can always buy them unlocked from the Sony store. That's the deal today as the Xperia Z1, Zperia Z Ultra LTE, and Smartwatch 2 hit the US Sony online store. The Ultra's status has been updated to shipping, but the other two devices are pre-order for now. You might have to bust open your piggybank, though. Unlocked phones don't come cheap.

pSNYNA-XZUC6806BK_main_v500 pSNYNA-XZUC6806BK_alternate2_v500 pSNYNA-XZUC6806BK_alternate3_v500

The Xperia Z1 can be yours for $649.99, down from a regular price of $699.99. This device has a 5-inch 1080p LCD, 20.7MP camera, 2GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 800 ARM chip. It's also water and dust-resistant, which is Sony's thing lately. If you want to go bigger, the Xperia Z Ultra is on sale for $679.99. This device steps down to an 8MP camera, but the screen balloons to 6.4-inches at 1080p. It adds LTE to the package, but is otherwise the same internally.

pSNYNA-XZ1C6902BK_main_v500 pSNYNA-XZ1C6902BK_alternate1_v500 pSNYNA-XZ1C6902BK_alternate2_v500

pSNYNA-SW2ACT_main_v500 pSNYNA-SW2ACT_alternate3_v500 pSNYNA-SW2ACT_alternate2_v500

What better way to use your new unlocked phone than with a matching smartwatch? Sony happens to have just the thing – the Smartwatch 2 for $199.99. It's water resistant, pairs easily over Bluetooth with the aid of NFC, and can be improved with apps. All three devices are on the Sony US store. There aren't any estimated dates for the pre-orders to ship, but it shouldn't be long.

[Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, Sony Smartwatch 2]