Let's say you're an angry Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner, which isn't a hard thing to be. Your phone still hasn't received Android 4.3, and Android 4.4 is right around the corner. The guy next to you at work has a Nexus 4 on a prepaid T-Mobile plan and uses the entirety of his wireless bill savings to buy KitKat Minis which he throws at you relentlessly while chanting "NEXUS 4 LYFE #HOLOYOLO." He comes dressed to every casual Friday in a homemade Matias Duarte button-down and has told you to "watch this" 38 times this year while using Google Wallet at the weekly staff meeting at Peet's, right before taking a photo sphere of his latte art. Again. He is the Nexusiest Man In The World. And you, you're on Verizon. You thought you could be Nexusy, too. But Verizon wants to step on your dreams and deprive you of the most important clause in the Nexus Bill Of Rights: timely Android updates.

So, you do what any reasonable customer would: complain on Twitter, like Tim Jarvis did.

The first reply from VZW support is typically unhelpful, but not exactly dismissive:

Mr. Jarvis was unfazed, and reiterated his point.

And this is when things started to get weird. Notice the signature tag on tweet changes, from '^NB' to '^AH.'

Oh my. A pillow? Verizon, soft, cuddly, and supportive? I'm not quite sure that's the customer support approach I'd go for, but hey, far be it from me to question the social media strategies of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Mr. Jarvis, once again, refuses to relent:

Then, things get downright condescending.

Tim Jarvis is not amused. Woohoo!

Do geese have penises? Yes, actually. But that's neither here nor there. How will Verizon Support respond to such a fowl insult?

The most likely explanation here? '^AH' is probably a Twitter bot that automatically responds to tweets after 5PM and before 9AM. The final response, from ^TH, was at 9:30AM, while the first response (^NB) was at 4:55PM, right before NB presumably clocked out for the day. I have to say, though, if that thing is a bot, it's probably doing more to piss off customers than it is to show them Verizon cares about their problems. Also, a pillow? Really? That's pretty weird, guys.

We were made aware of this amusing exchange via last week's This Week in Google podcast, and you can watch a clip of their commentary on the snafu below.