The first ad for the 2013 model of the Nexus 7 was pretty perfect: combining a nervous nerdy kid and a common fear somehow made for an incredibly effective way to show off Google's combination of hardware and services. These two new ads aren't quite so good as "Fear Less," but they combine the same nearly universal sentiments with tablet-focused features.

The first uses a student to show off Google Now's auto-populating cards, Google Play Music, Google's contextual search, and the new textbook rental features. Nothing mind-blowing, but if you've ever spent a sleepless night in high school or college, you know where that guy's coming from.

Ad number two brings the "d'aaaawwwww" factor. The same student, who naturally blows off his parent for a little quality time with Moto GP2, is instantly traveling the moment that he hears his dog is sick. The storm (which Google Now warns him about) has grounded his flight (which Google Now also warns him about). How do you get home? Google knows. Cut to the money shot. And incidentally, that guy can use the downtime on the train to study.

The new spots clock in at 15 and 30 seconds, respectively, and may be separate parts of a longer ad that we haven't seen yet. I'm digging how the tablet hardware itself takes a backseat to the personal applications in these advertisements.