Another day, another set of leaked images exposing what we can expect to see in Android 4.4 "KitKat." These images sprung up on Tutto Android, a popular Italian Android blog, and they largely confirm the location-related changes we detailed yesterday. First, the current Location access screen will, presumably, simply be called Location. On this screen the checkboxes labeled GPS Satellites and Wi-Fi & mobile network location have been removed and are replaced with more simplified options that replicate the same functionality: High accuracy, battery saving, and device sensors.

KitKat4 KitKat5

A new Google Location History setting provides a list of recent apps that have requested your location. This way when you see the GPS icon pop up in your status bar when you're not actively using Google Maps, you have a way to find out why.

The newly-added Payments section has been changed to the potentially more explanatory, Tap & Pay. This section is still where you will go to manage Google Wallet NFC payments.



In all of these screens we see that the white status bars at the top are still present, and the settings app looks mostly the same. Google's introduced cards in many of their apps, but this area of the UI remains largely unchanged.

Source: Tutto Android

Thanks kekkojoker90 and Nicola.