Search the Play Store for "tip calculator" and you'll probably find over nine thousand different ways to cut up gratuity. But now you don't need them: Google has added a tip calculator to its ubiquitous search engine on the mobile app and the web. Just search for "what's the tip for forty dollars" (or any amount you'd care to name) and Google will return the default 15% tip.

Google tips calculator Shortened

Want to be a little more generous? Want to be a jerk? No problem. The new tool will let you adjust the tip percentage amount as low or as high as you want. If you're dining with company it can split the check as many ways as you'd like. There's no upper limit on that, either - if you want to leave an equal tip percentage for a party of 200 splitting a single bowl of peanuts, then shine on you crazy diamond.

This works great for voice searches, but unfortunately you can only get the 15% tip and one person split with the standard search. Still, that's one less app (or at the very least, one less calculator launch) than you needed before. Enjoy.

Source: Google+

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free