Android 4.3 first rolled out to American HTC Ones on the Sprint network, and it arrived for those on AT&T not long after. Well, the next rollout may surprise you. No, it's not T-Mobile or Verizon - it's C Spire Wireless, the eighth largest carrier in the US. HTC One owners throughout the Deep South (the area served by C Spire Wireless) should have received or will soon receive an OTA bumping their handset up to the latest version of Android.


This update will upgrade HTC Ones on C Spire Wireless to software version 2.04.563.3. The OTA will provide Android 4.3, fix a number of bugs, and little else. That said, when you're making the big leap from one version of Android to another, who cares what other features are packaged in alongside it?

Source: HTC