According to Yelp, "the stars have aligned" for its new release, bringing a much-anticipated feature and a few photo-related tweaks. The anticipated feature I mentioned is, as the title of this post suggests, the ability to publish reviews right from your phone using the "add review" button from any business page.

Previously, users could only draft reviews for publication later through Yelp's website. Now though, you can publish reviews on the go or in the heat of the moment, before ever leaving the establishment you're praising and/or criticizing!

Screenshot_2013-10-10-21-04-37 Screenshot_2013-10-10-21-04-44 Screenshot_2013-10-10-21-04-50

With the new Yelp, users will also see photos from each business with their accompanying reviews, and photos can be accessed on any business page with a quick swipe down. If you haven't already, grab the update below.