This game asks a simple, yet gory question: how long can a headless chicken survive? The answer is up to you as you guide said headless bird through a crazy world of spinning saw blades and dangling meat hooks. Yeah, PETA will probably be condemning this any moment now.

Tapping on the screen makes the chicken flap its wings and fly upward. The more you tap, the higher it flies. This is how you'll avoid most of the obstacles in the game, but the speed component is essential as well. By tilting the device right or left, you can change how fast the chicken runs. Just use these two controls to fly over, under, and around the assorted dangers and pick up all the goodies along the way.

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To say Headless has a dark sense of humor would be a supreme understatement. The wacky music belies the bloody massacre going on in the game, but the art style makes it somehow okay. It's all black and white with a hand-drawn quality – only the blood is red, and there's a lot of it. It's like the over-the-top gore in a bad zombie flick, except it's a chicken with no head. Headless is only a dollar, and it'll be one of the most confusing dollars you've ever spent.


Developer: DoubleSmith
Price: $1.99