One strength of iOS is that everything works seamlessly together. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, it doesn't take much effort to get music over to your iPhone. With Play Music, Google has taken a different approach for Android users looking at an out of the box experience, and if you don't have the internet connection to rely on the cloud for music listening, it's less than ideal. doubleTwist takes the iTunes approach, and with the reinvented doubleTwist Sync app that's now available for Windows, it looks more promising than ever.


doubleTwist Sync has a stylish and simple UI that delivers easy access to new and old features alike. New features include MTP support for synching music to your Android phone or tablet via USB, integration with iTunes, and more sync options that let you transfer music based on artist, albums, genres, or playlists in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

New features:

  • MTP support: now you can quickly sync thousands of songs to your phone or tablet from your local music library over USB.
  • Complete integration with iTunes: doubleTwist Player on your Android now automatically pushes ratings, playcounts and playlist edits back to iTunes, keeping everything up to date.
  • More sync options: You can now sync music based on Artists, Albums, Genres or Playlists you previously created in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

To use any of these features, you will need to have the doubleTwist Music Player app installed on your Android device. And naturally, if you're running Linux or Mac instead of Windows, you're out of luck.

Source: doubleTwist