You know you probably have it well when your biggest inconvenience is having to wait for the kettle to boil each morning. But hey, pain is relative, and I'm not going to pretend like it's not annoying. But thanks to that Android phone on your bedside table, you won't be stuck with this burden for long. No, there isn't an app that will solve this problem for you, there's a kettle - a Wi-Fi kettle that you can control from your Android device.

Kettle1 Kettle2

Kettle3 Kettle4

Now I know that's an iPhone, but the company has already expressed that the kettle is compatible with Android. The iKettle comes with an app that can function as an alarm clock, waking you up from slumber and asking if you want to fire it up. Once it's finished boiling, the app will want to know if you're ready or if it should keep the water warm for a while. The kettle has multiple temperature settings, so you could boil tea at 80 degrees (Celsius) or coffee at 95, for example.

The kettle won't heat up if there's no water in place to boil, so you can fall back asleep in comfort knowing that you won't set the house on fire, even if this does mean that you will then still have to heat up your hot beverage the old fashioned way.


This stainless steel kettle is available for pre-order for $160.79, and if you live in the UK, it comes with free shipping. Look for your iKettle to arrive roughly two months from now.

Via: The Daily Mail