One of the perks of the many Humble Bundles is that they bring games to platforms they didn't exist for previously. Linux gamers know what I'm talking about, as their operating system of choice has been relatively flooded with games since the original Humble Indie Bundle first brought Aquaria, Gish, Penumbra, and other titles to the platform. Android isn't nearly as desperate for quality games, but Time Surfer entered the Play Store a few weeks ago following its Humble Mobile Bundle debut, and now Star Command has done the same.



If you've ever wanted to manage your own starship, Star Command can help supply that fix. This game tasks you with managing your own crew, combatting other ships, and defending against incursion. You have various ship designs to choose from, over ten alien species to discover, and enough chaos to keep you engaged.

Star Command costs $2.99, but it doesn't have any in-app purchases to deal with. If this is still too high a price, there's one day left to pick the game up as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 for whatever price your heart desires.

Star Command
Star Command
Price: $2.99