Samsung has been cranking out the open source kernel files for the Galaxy Note 3 since before the device launched internationally. While the company didn't release files for every model all at once, if you take a look over at Samsung's open source site, you will find that they've been busy. They uploaded the open source kernel files for the AT&T and Sprint Galaxy Note 3's a couple of days after their release, and they're now upping their game by sharing the open source files for the Verizon Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900V) a few days ahead of its intended launch date.


General consumers, there isn't much here to look at. This data is aimed at the developer types who create the custom ROMs we all know and love. For those who know what to do with these files, they are stored in roughly 900MB ZIP archives, so make sure you have a solid connection before heading over and cracking them open.

Source: Samsung