Most smartphone makers move quickly from one project to the next, always trying to stay ahead of the curve. That can be trouble when you want an update on the phone you bought from them last year. The future of HTC's EVO 4G LTE has been up in the air recently with some claiming an Android 4.3 update was coming, and others denying it. Now we know: 4.3 is coming by year's end.

HTC's US president Jason Mackenzie tweeted the news a few days ago, which should let owners rest a little easier. The update will also include Sense 5 and all the features that brings with it. Sprint tends to be less stingy with updates than some other carriers, so hopefully this update rolls out as planned, unlike the recent HTC One 4.3 push.

The EVO 4G LTE, which is essentially a tweaked One X for Sprint, is over a year old at this point. As such, this will probably be the last major update it sees. Android 4.4 KitKat will probably be a reality by the time this update hits, but you can't have it all.