Maybe you've never really noticed the sponsored shopping results that pop up in Google searches, but Google is aiming to change that by making those ads more relevant to your physical location. The search giant is rolling out local shopping results that guide users to nearby brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, you may already have them in your search results.

aw shop 10-7-13 1

The shopping results that appear on both mobile and desktop searches may now open a dedicated local storefront when clicked. This page will list the item searched for, but also related items available at the same location. The storefront will also support searching the inventory of a single store. If you want to go there in person, there will be an embedded Google Map with directions, as well as a phone number and store hours.

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These local shopping ads are currently only available to a limited number of retailers, but Google hopes to expand that soon. Don't be surprised if your search results start encouraging you to shop local. Let's not be too cynical, though – this might actually be useful.

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