What's the point of being good at something if you can't gloat about it? The new Android version of Microsoft's Wordament puzzle game offers you the opportunity to pluck words out of a game board and compare your skills against the rest of the world. Bring it, everyone else.

2013-10-06 22.57.39 2013-10-06 22.55.06

Wordament is played on a 4x4 board of letters, and it's a bit like Boggle. You swipe across the letters to make words, but you can go in any direction. At the end of the round, you get to see how you compare to everyone else. To show up on the leaderboards you need to sign in with an Xbox or Facebook account, though.

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Some of the reviews complain of substantial lag in this game, but in my brief testing with the 2013 N7 I saw no issues. Wordament is free and could be good for killing a few minutes.

Wordament® by Microsoft
Wordament® by Microsoft