If you're dedicated to The Now Network and plan on renewing the two-year grip it has on your wallet with the Galaxy Note 3, you're in for a bit of a shocker: the on-contract price is $350. New customers can use the $100 port-in credit to get it for just $250. Ouch.


Thankfully, Wirefly is here to make the upgrade cost a little easier to swallow by knocking a fifty spot off of Sprint's offering, so you can nab this gargantuan for $300. Sure, that's still on the pricey side for a subsidized phone, but saving $50 is still saving $50.

This deal is good for both the white and black versions of the device – hit the respective link below to gab yours.

Wirefly – Galaxy Note 3 (white)

Wirefly – Galaxy Note 3 (black)