In the movie Demolition Man, Simon Phoenix (played by Wesley Snipes) reprograms the lights (which are controlled by voice) to turn on with the hotword "illuminate" and turn off with "deluminate." When I saw that movie as a kid, I wanted this in my future. Not necessarily exactly like that, but that sort of automation in general. Now, we're finally edging slowly towards that kind of life.

Enter the new Indiegogo campaign for the bRight Switch, an Android-powered light switch and base switching/outlet system that is basically everything one could possibly hope for in home lighting automation and convenience. Check it out.

Pretty sweet, no? There are three members of the bRight Switch family: the nLine switch, eLine switch, and eLine outlet. All three connect to your home Wi-Fi network; the former features a full touchscreen and runs Android, while the latter two are base models that support auto-learning and the like.

Since the nLine switch is running a full version of Android, it has baked-in support for apps, so you can theoretically use it to, say, stream music to your home entertainment system. Otherwise, here is a short list of features found on the nLine switch:

  • Learning mode: Learns from your usage patterns over time and automatically turns on your lights based on your living patterns, saving you time and energy.
  • Dimmer: Use the kind of bulb you want. Provides many types of smart dimming control, and is selectable for incandescent, CFL, LED bulbs.
  • Built-in programmable timers: No more searching for that vacation timer for the lamp or trying to remember if you turned off the bathroom fan.
  • Integrated speaker and microphone: Connect two or more for an intercom system or use the switch for an alarm clock (You can combine the audio alarm with the lights to get those really sound sleepers out of bed).
  • Proximity detection/motion sensing: Can turn off your lights when you leave the room, or when no one is using it—great for safety and saving energy.
  • WiFi capability: Allows you to remotely control and access the nLine Switch, and other bRight Switch components in the same system.
  • Outlet control: Turns any bRight Switch eLine Outlet into a wirelessly controlled lamp outlet…no rewiring required.
  • Other customizable features: Clock/date display, name/message display, light activated night-light surround.


The eLine switch offers a handful of the same features – like learning mode, dimmer, timers, outlet control, and more – just without the touchscreen. This could be good for rooms where all the bells and whistles aren't as necessary – like the bathroom, for example.

20130925163428-brightswitch_nline-switch-pandora-600 brightswitch_eline-Outlet_Glow-600-194x300 brightswitch_eLine-Switch-GlowBezel-600-194x300

The eLine outlet features two standard 110v power receptacles, as well as two integrated USB ports, all of which are covered by built-in spike protection. If you noticed, the top receptacle is also flipped upside down so all available slots can be used at the same time, regardless of the plug alignment. It also features a dimmable nightlight and the ability to be controlled from either the nLine or eLine switch.

Overall, the bRight Switch system is one of the most innovative, useful, and downright awesome projects we've seen hit a crowdsourcing site in quite some time. This is the future I've been waiting for.

bRight is looking to acquire $400,000 in funding, so head below to check out the contribution options.

bRight Switch – Indiegogo