Samsung's new stylus-packing smartphone is still rolling out across the US, but you can get a taste of the Galaxy Note 3 with the kernel source files just posted to Samsung's open source site. After dropping the code for eight variants of the Note 3 earlier this week, we've now got the Jelly Bean bits for the Sprint, AT&T, and SK Telecom versions.

2013-10-04 11_24_25-Open Source Release Center

The Sprint version of the device, which is getting a notable software update today, is model number SM-N900P. SK Telecom's Note 3 has the model number SM-N900S, which we'll probably never see stateside. The AT&T Note 3 is model number SM-N900A, and is probably the only one in this batch with a locked bootloader. Ma Bell was adamant that it would not be supporting unlocked bootloaders going forward.

Developer types can feel free to grab the files, which clock in at a little under 900MB. Maybe someone can get that AT&T bootloader unlocked before early adopters become frustrated they can't install any ROMs.