YouTube is awesome, but it's anti-social. You create a video in isolation, upload it to your personal channel, and wait for the inevitable flood of ego-shattering comments. If someone does happen to like your work, they will copy the link and share it on Facebook, Google+, or any other social network where good words are occasionally tolerated, and you may never hear their feedback. MixBit is a more social experience, one where friends can work on videos together from the comfort of their mobile devices.

MixBit1 MixBit2 MixBit3

MixBit was founded by YouTube co-founders Steven Chen and Chad Hurley, which makes this a service worth keeping an eye on. The Android app lets users record, edit, and publish videos from their phones or tablets. Videos are shot in multiple clips that can be as long as sixteen seconds each, and a completed film can contain as many as 256 clips. Users are encouraged to collaborate with others and to remix each others' work. The app originally launched for iOS in August, but an Android app was always planned, and it's nice to see it arrive. It's available for free below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(