It's not hard to keep track of the news on your smartphone, as seemingly every major news organization (in the US at least) has released their own app. People who don't like the idea of bouncing back and forth between apps can use a dedicated RSS reader or any number of curated news offerings ranging from Flipboard to Google's own Currents. But there's one issue that none of these apps address - they deliver full-length articles to people who may not want or have time to read such lengthy content on their phones. Enter Circa News, an app that takes the day's headlines and serves readers with just the gist.

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Circa's editorial staff does its best to provide comprehensive but concise coverage of the major headlines in hopes of making it easier for us to get our news. That means no more intimidatingly long articles, no re-reading articles on the same subject just to get the latest details, and no more walking away from an article because there just isn't enough time. The app provides a simplistic interface that's both attractive and easy to skim, and there are large buttons that make it easy to share each story or "follow" it for updates. It's the news presented in a way that suits a mobile lifestyle, and while it may have taken a year to make its way over from iOS, you can now get your hands on it for free below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Via: AllThingsD