Root Explorer is a solid file manager, but - surprise, surprise - it's even better for people who have rooted their phones. Back when Android 4.3 first arrived, many root enabled file managers suddenly had broken root support, but not Root Explorer. And since the functionality is already so solid, the latest update introduces a new feature some of us would consider superfluous. If you like Root Explorer, now you can make it prettier, look more integrated, or be as obnoxious as your eyes can handle without permanently rolling over backwards and staring into the darkness between your ears.

Root1 Root2 Root3

Root Explorer still defaults to a dark theme, but other options include a light alternative, a light option with a dark action bar, and the ability to use your home wallpaper. Though as you can see in the third screenshot above, that last option requires a bit of forethought. Some wallpapers will make the app downright illegible.

Root Explorer
Root Explorer
Developer: Speed Software
Price: $3.99