Motorola has a more economical alternative to the flagship X on the way, referred to in a previous FCC filing and a few Republic Wireless documents as the "Motorola DVX." A revised Permissive Change filing with the Federal Communications Commission has revealed a few more photos of the device itself, including the assembled front and rear. According to Reddit user Danrant, the update is for compatibility with advanced hearing aids.


The DVX is a dead ringer for the Moto X, looking basically identical to the slightly older phone in the filing documents except for a speaker module flipped to the left side on the rear panel. It's hard to get a handle on size in photos without any real scale reference. But based on the camera module and Motorola logo on the rear panel, I'd say that it's probably a little smaller than the X, probably in the 4.3-4.5" range by screen size. The FCC documents say that it's certified for the GSM 850/1900 bands, making it a 3G-only phone compatible with AT&T and most international carriers. The lack of LTE bands means that this particular model probably isn't intended for any of the major American providers. Previous leaks indicated a sub-$200 unsubsidized price.


We're still not clear on what the exact specifications of the DVX will be, if indeed it keeps that moniker when it comes to market. (The FCC filing includes mentions of "Voice Commands" and "Talking Phone," so Motorola's software enhancements are probably included.) A slightly smaller screen, Chinese manufacturing, and perhaps a less expensive SoC may be all that the phone needs to push it into a lower price bracket - the Moto X isn't exactly a showstopper when it comes to internal hardware, after all.

Even so, Moto needs a bigger presence worldwide, and none of its four new models for 2013 have made it to international markets. The US-built X won't be available outside of the western hemisphere, and we haven't seen any sign of the Verizon-branded DROIDs getting generic international variants this year. Once a phone hits the FCC it usually doesn't take more than a couple of months for marketing material to start leaking out, so keep your eyes peeled for more DVX info soon.

Source: FCC via Reddit