Colors. People have opinions about them. Some people really like blue. Some like green. How about white, though? Because that's the new shade that by all accounts will grace the notification bar icons in the next version of Android, version 4.4, aka KitKat. Here they are:

nexusae0_bar (1)

Love at first sight, or a white-out that you would prefer get out? I personally thought Tron blue always was a bit too nerdy, and Android green a little too bold. But hey, they're just status bar icons, right? Who cares?

Well, when something like the status bar icons get a bleach, it's definitely a little prophetic; very likely, we'll see other parts of Android pick up on that trend, too. White menus? White backgrounds in more apps? We do know that Google Now, and the entire card theme Google's been pushing in many apps, are quite lightly shaded. Android's had a love affair with black and blue since Honeycomb that may be drawing to a close.

So, what say you?

Would a more white-themed Android be to your liking?

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