It's been all quiet on the Android Open Kang Project front for a while, but the latest blog post from the popular ROM family indicates that there are big things coming. The AOKP team has been working on Android 4.3 ROMs (labeled JB-MR2 in the AOKP nomenclature) ever since the release of the latest operating system, and the first nightly builds of 4.3 have now been posted.


AOKP has also added the WiFi version of the Nexus 7 2013 and the Oppo Find 5 to its lineup. The Find 5 has been a popular model with enthusiasts and ROM fanatics, so it's no surprise that it's getting a little love in the form of an official build. Don't forget to grab your Gapps package and perform a recovery backup before flashing.

Oh, and before I forget: AOKP team member and developer Rohan Mathur, AKA RohanXm, posted the following on Twitter this morning.

That statement checks out with the installation counter, if you include a whopping 1.96 million users who are on open source derivatives ("kangs") of AOKP. So if you're running AOKP, you're in good company. Unicorn power!

Update #1: According to Rohan Mathur in the comments, most of the previously-supported devices now have 4.3 (JB-MR2) nightly builds available. The post has been updated accordingly.

Update #2: Rohan also clarified the 3.5 million figure:

And yes the stats page tracks number of users, not installations or downloads as the page states :-) users are tracked the same way they are tracked with AOKPStats, an apk that tracks devices via their hashed MAC Address (Used to be IMEI but we switched to MAC recently)

Source: AOKP Blog, AOKP Nexus 7 2013, AOKP Oppo Find 5