Go ahead, show up in black - but you know what, everyone else there will be doing the same. Be bold. Be bright. Suit up in something that will make people remember you. No, not yellow, that's tacky. Purple, are you serious? No, lets go with white. Go ahead, try it on. I'll wait.

Mr. LG G2, you're looking good. The people over at AT&T are going to love you. Just you watch, now that you're available, no one's going to even bother looking at G2s in black anymore. I mean, just look at you.


Now sure, you're not offering anything that any other G2 lacks. You're available for the same $199.99 price, and you still demand the same two-year commitment. Not everyone is into that, but many people are. You have a lot going for you, with your bright 5.2-inch display, that 13MP camera, and a 3000mAh that will keep you going longer than much of the competition. Trust me, people dig that, and in a sea of black handsets, you're bound to get someone's attention.

White LG G2 on AT&T