The previous apps from Vision Objects have been a little magical – they had better handwriting recognition than a lot of expensive desktop software suites. MyScript Stylus brings that handwriting recognition to all apps by replacing the keyboard on your phone or tablet.

MyScript Stylus gives you a small writing space where the keyboard usually is. Whatever you scribble in there will be turned into text and dropped into any field on the device in real time. It also makes use of intuitive gestures to edit text. The app supports an incredible 54 languages at launch, including several that use non-Latin characters like Traditional Chinese and Hebrew.

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This is a beta version of the MyScript Stylus app, so you can try it out for free. It runs on any Android device, but it really only makes sense to use with a stylus of some sort (capacitive or otherwise). The Galaxy Note devices with their inductive stylus tech will probably work the best. Samsung has its own handwriting recognition software built into the Note devices, but maybe Vision Objects has it beat? Only one way to find out.

Update: Turns out the Note devices use handwriting tech licensed from Vision Objects. There might be some added benefit from using the new MyScript app, though. [Thanks, Nik Turner]

MyScript Stylus (Beta)
MyScript Stylus (Beta)
Developer: MyScript
Price: Free