There is no shortage of streaming music services that want to pipe tunes into your ears, but Slacker Radio just made its offering much more attractive for Android users. The app has a brand new clean interface and the option to instantly build a station based on what you happen to be up to.

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The app has done away with the strange combination of Metro-style tiles and old fashioned Android tabs that it was rocking before. Now it's much more modern-looking and super-responsive. There are engaging little animations and visual effects that make the app feel much more polished than its previous incarnation. Check out examples of the old UI at the bottom.

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It's not just the look that has improved – everything works better too. Just like before, you can choose a station and get listening. Premium subscribers can also play specific songs on-demand and build offline playlists. The way the 'now playing' UI slides up from the bottom is by no means unique to Slacker, but it's a nice addition to the app and a vast improvement over the old version. In the same vein, the notification can now be used to control playback, whereas before it was just a link back to the app.

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The new My Vibes feature is kind of like a hyper-personalized radio station – it's music that's supposed to fit with what you're doing. You can choose the day of the week and general time of day, then pick from several suggested activities. You get things like Energy Boost and Concentrating for a Thursday afternoon. Set the app to Friday Night mode, and things get serious with Partying and Sexy Time.

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The old interface

The update should be going live in the Play Store right now, but it could take a few minutes for everything to show up. Just be patient. You can get all the features in Slacker Radio for $9.99 per month, or just get rid of the song skip limit and ads for $3.99 per month.