Yesterday, TuneIn Radio Pro, one of my favorite radio apps, was updated to version 9.0 and brought a bunch of sports-related improvements. However, a pretty significant bug made its way into the app as well - pausing and rewinding live streams, which are two of the most important features of Pro, no longer worked.

Reviewers started making a stink, a bunch of users on Reddit got sad, and TuneIn soon realized what they'd done. The company worked quickly and released an updated version 9.1 today which brought back these important broken features. Bugs fixed, crisis averted, and everything is now back to normal. Go grab the update and get pausing.

Screenshot_2013-09-25-16-13-43 Screenshot_2013-09-25-16-13-11

The fixed version 9.1

Screenshot_2013-09-25-16-11-37 Screenshot_2013-09-25-16-11-04

The broken version 9.0