Manufacturers are continuously pushing out improvements to their latest products, but many of the new selling points require a minor in mathematics to keep up with. Should you get the phone that's four times faster than last year's offering, or merely two? Is a 1080p display really necessary on a 5-inch screen? Well, Samsung's planning to roll out an innovation that even non-enthusiasts will be able to pick up on. The electronics giant will launch a phone with a curved display in South Korea sometime next month, and we can reasonably expect them price it lower than their $9,000 curved OLED TVs.


But don't get too excited just yet. Samsung hasn't mentioned shipping the device to other markets, and they haven't unveiled a way to mass produce the necessary parts cheaply. This isn't an innovation you should expect to see take the world by storm in the next couple of months. Still, with everyone and their mother racing to create the next great smartwatch (including Samsung), flexible screens are something we should all keep our eyes on.

Via: Reuters