MotoHeroz first launched as a WiiWare title back in 2011, and it would remain one of the best releases available for the platform. The game is ultimately the product of a side scrolling platformer that bred with a racing game, and the result is a challenging title that combines the look of the former with the physics of the latter. In the end, MotoHeroz is a ride worth taking, and now you can find the keys sitting in the Play Store.

MotoHeroz1 MotoHeroz3

MotoHeroz2 MotoHeroz4 MotoHeroz5

With a file size under 20mb, it doesn't take long to get behind the wheel and take this bad boy for a spin. There are over 6 vehicles to choose from and 30 tracks to master. The original game had four-player local multiplayer, and while that functionality has been stripped, you can still race your friends to the top of the leaderboards. If accruing high scores isn't your thing, there are hidden treasures to unlock in order to reach 100% completion and upgrades that should ultimately make the process easier.

Back on the Wii, this game would have set you back $15. Now you can have a similar experience entirely for free. Sure, you could spend money on coins to speed things along, but that's what slamming on the gas is for.

Price: Free+